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I have just created a new menu on the side of my blog which contains links to Jung resources.  Check it out.  Most of these are hard-to-find writings by Jung himself.  Jung’s writings, I have come to discover, are very hard to find on the Internet.

I also created a reading list of secondary sources for Pagans with an interest in Jung:

Americans and the Unconscious by Robert Fuller

Jung: A feminist revision by Susan Rowland

Jung and the Jungians on Myth by Steven Walker

Jung and the New Age by David Tacey

“Jung and the Recall of the Gods” by John Dourley

“Jung, Mysticism and a Myth in the Making” in Studies in Religion, vol. 30 (2001) by John Dourley

“Jung’s Metaphysics” in International Journal of Jungian Studies (2012) by Jon Mills

“Jung’s Psychologising of Religion” by Robert Segal in Beyond New Age: Exploring alternative spirituality, eds…

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October 21, 2012 - Posted by | thefirstdark

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